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Organic + Recycled Cotton Blanket

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Our Recycled Cotton Blankets (Available mid-November) are made from 70% Organic cotton and 30% pre-consumer recycled cotton. The vintage-style stripes are woven into the cloth using a traditional yarn dye technique.

  • The fabric is a chunky square weave canvas with a distinctly soft and relaxed hand feel
  • The dog beds have the highest quality YKK brand brass zippers. Both ends of the zippers are covered by flaps for extra security and safety.
  • Easy to care for: Machine wash cold and tumble or hang to dry. Note that hanging laundry is the better choice for the planet and makes everything last longer
  • Blanket sizes: Queen or King
  • Dog beds: Small: 22 x 32 x 3”, Medium 26 x 36 x 3”, Large 35 x 44 x 3”
  • Inserts are sold separately and will arrive in a separate shipment to reduce carbon emissions

About our supply chain:

Our recycled cotton comes from local factories that sell the cotton scraps left after cutting garments. The industry standard is approximately 15% waste. These scraps are shredded until they resemble their original cotton ball-like form and then spun with the organic cotton into yarn. Using this waste, which would have been incinerated, reduces the need for virgin cotton and the water necessary to grow it as well as emissions used in processing and transportation.

The reason we don't use 100% recycled cotton is that the recycling process involves shredding the cotton scraps until they become fluff-like cotton balls again. This process shortens the fibers and would produce an unstable, pilling fabric. We chose to blend organic cotton with recycled to make a high-quality, durable fabric that’s better for the environment.

Our factory partner is SA 8000 certified which means they meet or exceed social accountability in the workplace in these important areas: child labor, forced labor, health and safety, free association and collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours and compensation.

The other reason we love this supplier is they have “zero discharge” textile processing that recycles 98% of their water. They use a limestone filtration system to clean the water discharged during textile dying and processing. The sediment sludge is dried in solar beds and used to make cement!

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