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The current take/make/waste model is a key contributor to climate change

I founded Seawoof to provide a sustainable solution for dog owners who want to avoid single-use plastic products.

As a product designer, I saw the harm our industry was doing to the planet as well as the people working in the factories and I set out to create a zero-waste, circular supply chain that uses waste as a resource.

Using recycled materials isn’t a new concept but coupled with a take-back program and a circular model, the impact is significant. I am thrilled to provide a sustainable alternative to traditional (fossil-fuel derived) dog gear!

Read about our partnerships and take-back program under sustainability. Join our newsletter and follow us on social to hear updates on products and cleanup events near you!

Your purchase funds climate change initiatives and removes plastics from our oceans. See you at the (cleaner) beach!

Me, Kirsten Sedestrom
Seawoof founder (with Poppy)


1. Circular supply chain

We use waste as a raw material to turn what would have been trash into high-quality dog products

2. Responsible production

We choose manufacturing partners who share our commitment to certified sustainable practices

3. Premium quality and design

We use the highest quality materials and hardware to ensure your pup is safe and stylish

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