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Time to replace your Collar and leash?

Choose sustainable alternatives to fossil fuel derived products. Seawoof collars and leashes use recycled plastic and textile waste to reduce emissions, save water and keep plastic out of the ocean

Eco-Artisan Collection

Our Eco-Artisan line of leashes and collars is a testament to our
commitment to sustainability and style. Made from ultralight, extra-strong webbing crafted from recycled plastic bottles and bio cotton, these collars and leashes are not only eco-friendly but also comfortable and soft for your beloved dog. With six printed patterns to choose from, you can express your pup's unique personality while being environmentally conscious.

Infinity Collection

For those seeking rugged durability without compromising on sustainability, our Infinity Collection is the perfect choice. Crafted from recycled fishing nets and carpet, the webbing of these leashes and collars is exceptionally strong and long-lasting and designed to withstand even the most adventurous excursions with your furry friend.

What is a Circular Supply Chain?

When your Seawoof gear has served its purpose and it's time for an upgrade, don't add waste to landfills or oceans. Our circular supply chain allows you to return your used leashes and collars, which we then recycle and use as materials to create new items. By participating in this process, you actively contribute to minimizing plastic waste and promoting a greener planet.